Terms & Conditions


**Please read T&C’s to finalise your booking with SJR (Strawberry James Removals)**

Firstly, I would like to thank you for choosing SJR as your preferred mover. We endeavour to complete your relocation fast, efficiently and to the best of our ability. As we are for the most part a ‘referral-based business’, we rely on our customers’ feedback and hope your experience will prompt you to recommend SJR to your friends and family as well.

Your deposit will confirm your agreed place in our relocation calendar. A minimum deposit of $125 + GST = ($137.50), the first hour or 10% of the estimated move cost, whichever is greater, for all relocations (except for very small moves, single piece moves and/or organised with your SJR O.M. (Operations Manager).

A deposit invoice will be sent to your email to be paid in advance of the relocation via credit card or direct deposit.
N.B. please ensure the correct name and/or business invoice to be made out to and also the correct address and to who needs attention.

The deposit guarantees your relocation on the date set and agreed by both parties. The removals and logistics industry does not always go to plan but we will do everything possible to be on time and to finish the job to your requirements and to our own high standards. There are sometimes forces that are completely out of our control like weather, traffic, access and mechanical hold-ups due to a previous relocation and the like. We will do everything possible to make alternatives and keep your move stress free.

From your perspective, if you find the date/day or time has changed for you, then we will accommodate you as best as possible if you need to change. We can make alternative arrangements and times. We are not a business that will just take your deposit and move on as we are all about customer service. If it happens that this is not possible for you or SJR, and you have to cancel, then the deposit is non-refundable, fortunately, this is a rarity as we are all about completion.

On completion of your relocation, the Crew Leader will send back the hours worked, and Travel Time to be added, and/or materials used and any other costs incurred to head office for an invoice to be sent for immediate payment.
N.B. – If a CASH payment is provided on the day the team leader will collect it only with the authority of management.


SJR comes highly recommended, that being said, removals and relocation of freight and furniture do not always go to plan, it’s not always straightforward and errors can occur. Firstly, we do have ‘Transit’ insurance which will cover your freight in transit on the road, however, for all other carrying insurances, you will need to decide that for yourself. Here are some options:

1. You can contact your own home and contents insurer and ask for optional “short term moving home” coverage.
2. Speak with our preferred specialised relocations insurance provider and mention “Strawberry James Removals” for a discounted price: Please see attached flyer – CART Insurance.
3. Conversely, take out no insurance. No insurance will be at the client’s expense. If you have high-value items such as glass mirrors, artwork, marble tables, stonework, statuettes or high-end electrical equipment etc we recommend taking out additional coverage. Floor/wall damage on your property or common area will not be covered by SJR. If SJR are at fault for some small items like a bedside lamp, we can negotiate up to $75 in value for these items, a receipt must accompany the item in question.
Again we will take our utmost care that no issues arise.

*Please reply confirming receipt of this email for booking to be confirmed.
*A deposit invoice will be sent immediately for payment. 

If you have any questions regarding the above please call 0410 627 272.